Educational Community

The educational community is the group of family members or people legally close to the pupil with some level of responsibility in their education. Pupils, teachers, families, neighbourhood and city form the close environment of an educational community.

The educational community is made up of the people who have some involvement in the education of pupils: parents, families and organisations in the immediate environment, although the educational environment can now range from the autonomous community to the European macro-context. In any case, as in any community, the same goals are pursued, there are similar aspirations, they are governed by common rules and there is some level of affectivity among their members. For this reason, we all seek the integral formation of the pupil in accordance with the educational aims proposed in the legislation.

Their participation in the organisation, government, functioning and evaluation of the educational centres is guaranteed and will take place mainly in the School Council. The teaching staff will also participate through the School Staff and the co-ordinating bodies. Families or legal guardians will do so through their legal associations (AMPA), with representatives also in the School Council. Legislation allows families and the school to specify the type of educational commitment and obligations on both sides for their children’s best possible education.

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