Primary education is a compulsory stage for pupils aged 6 to 16 (or 18). The education system groups them according to their age in levels, within a regulated school, and in accordance with the objectives proposed in the education legislation.

This research mainly takes into account the ordinances contained in the Organic Law 2/2006 on Education, which defines basic education, consisting of primary and secondary education, as compulsory and free of charge for all persons. It comprises 10 years of schooling and is regularly held between the ages of 6 and 16, although it can be held until the age of 18 in some cases. During this period, a common education is guaranteed for all pupils, adopting attention to diversity as a fundamental principle and involving it in the relevant organizational and curricular measures to meet the needs of the pupils .

Also for ages prior to six years, the law establishes in Title I, Chapter I, Article 12 of Early Childhood Education as an educational stage with its own identity that serves children, whose families so desire, from birth to their incorporation into basic education.

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