ICT resources

ICT tools are educational resources based on new communication technologies and serve to support the acquisition of educational content.

Nowadays, teaching requires the integration of technological resources related to Information Technologies, which are already commonly used in the social and working environment, into the contents taught and into the teaching tools and methodologies.

Their characteristics imply certain educational features: they motivate students, offer a high volume of information, provide new points of view and approaches, allow communication and collaborative work, etc.

Educational administrations are endeavouring to provide all schools with this technological material through infrastructures that familiarise pupils with the use of the Internet, computer equipment and digital materials.

Multiple services are also being created for the educational community and centre management: educational portals that favour virtual management and teaching, web pages, telematic educational projects, e-mail services, the provision of laptops for pupils, etc.

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Adam Kracík
Adam Kracík
8 February, 2023 5:08 pm

ICT resources in Czech schools

What differences do you find on this topic in your country?
Unfortunately, it is not common that Czech schools would provide computers, laptops, or software resources, such as apps or e-learnings.
Czech Republic
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