Concierge and reception

The reception, the concierge and/or the office of the janitors are places where the first encounter with the building takes place.

Generally, there is always a small room in the school foyer for the caretaker’s office. This location makes it easy to see and be informed about staff arriving or leaving the school, which is one of the functions of the caretakers.

As this model is repeated in all the schools, it is easy to identify the place to go to when one does not know how to find a room or person in the school.

In this sense, it should be noted that janitors and caretakers keep the keys to access the rest of the school premises and classrooms.

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John Mcallister
John Mcallister
22 September, 2023 10:46 am

This video highlights the essential role that caretakers and janitors play in a school. Their strategic presence in the foyer facilitates access control and staff supervision, ensuring a safe and orderly environment. Furthermore, their role as key holders is crucial for the smooth operation of the institution. But not only that, they are also genuine information hubs themselves, being the first source of guidance for any visitor. Without a doubt, their work goes far beyond simple facility management. They are true pillars in the educational community, providing fundamental support for learning and the well-being of all involved. Well-deserved recognition for these professionals!

What similarities do you find on this topic in your country?
The similarities between caretakers in Spanish and British schools include the responsibility to maintain and ensure the proper functioning of the facilities. Both roles involve supervising the entry and exit of staff and visitors, as well as maintaining a clean and safe environment. Additionally, in both cultures, caretakers are often a valuable source of information for those visiting the school.
What differences do you find on this topic in your country?
In the United Kingdom, caretakers often have a broader role that may include facilities management, cleaning, and, in some cases, even more complex maintenance tasks.
United Kingdom