Auxiliary spaces

The auxiliary spaces are adjoining areas of various uses: storage, parents’ waiting rooms ….

Schools need other auxiliary facilities of various kinds to complete the services they provide to the educational community. For example, rooms are needed to receive visitors in a place with a large number of people, for example, in schools, parents have to be received by the tutor in the classroom itself due to the lack of a specific space for family visits.

Places are also needed to collect some elements or materials necessary for teaching and learning, or to store other resources that are withdrawn from their normal use.

It is usually necessary to have premises with suitable cupboards or shelves to store books and documents that need to be kept for a long period of time as an archive, which can be a space located in a more inaccessible place, such as the basement of the centre itself.

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Lucía Pérez
Lucía Pérez
10 April, 2023 12:33 pm

tema muy útil aunque a menudo olvidado

Is there anything you didn’t know? If so, describe it.
No sabía que algunas escuelas tenían espacios reservados para realizar las tutorías entre padres y alumnos. En mi antiguo colegio las realizaba en el mismo aula donde nosotros dábamos clase
What information would you add on this topic?
Como se podrían remodelar espacios para conseguir sitio para realizar las tutorías. Sería interesante también hablar de otros espacios como el patio o el comedor.
Last academic level pass
FP Grado superior
30 March, 2023 3:32 pm

I think this is a very important aspect of every school. Unfortunately, sometimes there are some schools in which they don´t have enough resources to offer such a widely range of spaces, which are necessary for a huge number of children.
In my opinion this is a very important when we talk about education, because educational spaces have a lot of influence on the way we learn. Thus, every school ought to present to their students accuerate and different spaces to carry out the educational activity. Of course, that´s not their fault because most of the times this lack of spaces is due to problems of money or infraestructures; something which could be faced with public grants given by the government to those institutions.
People are not very concerned about this aspect, but from my point of view is something that must be changed. A lot of children could find several benefits in this auxiliary spaces; for instance outside parks/gardens, dining rooms, special classrooms for children who have difficulties, ICT/music/plastic classrooms…

Is there anything you didn’t know? If so, describe it.
I didn´t know before watching this video that some schools have sepecial rooms to carry out meetings with the parents, because in my school they did it in an ordinary classroom.
What information would you add on this topic?
Outside spaces, like sports courts, gardens, parks or opened classrooms to develop ordinary lessons.