Teacher tutor

The teacher tutor is the teacher who is responsible for the training of the students in a class and coordinates that group, as well as the teachers who work with that group and their families.

The teacher tutor is the teacher who is responsible for the overall training of the students in a given year and for their educational development. He/she is appointed by the school management and makes the necessary adaptations to the programme.

The tutor meets with the head of studies at least three times a year to draw up and develop the tutorial plan. The educational and psycho-pedagogical guidance team also collaborate in these guidance activities.

In addition, the teacher tutor (o he/she) has to take decisions regarding the promotion of each pupil to the upper cycle, after hearing the parents, attend to the learning difficulties of the pupils in order to proceed to the personal adaptation of the curriculum, facilitate their integration in the group, encourage their participation in the activities of the school and guide and advise them on their educational possibilities.

Cooperation with other teachers working with the same group of pupils takes the form of monthly meetings which are chaired by the teacher and where the pupils’ progress is analysed. After this meeting, all families are informed on a termly basis, or at any time when there is a question about the behaviour, difficulties and academic progress of the pupils. Normally, each school allocates one hour per week for individual attention to each family (the norm indicates that there should be at least two interviews per year).

Tutoring is an essential educational task for the integral formation of the pupil and therefore forms part of the teaching duties. In Spain, the regulations governing these functions come from Royal Decree 82/1996 of 26 January 1996. As there is a distribution of educational competences between the different regions, in Asturias there is the Resolution of 6 August 2001 which regulates the functioning of the Schools and with the Curriculum Decree -BOPA nº 149, 16 June 2007, article 12- describes the functions and indicates that “tutorial action will guide the individual and collective educational process of the pupils in the whole of the stage. Tutoring and guidance are part of the teaching function”.

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