Office of the Head of Studies

The Head of Studies manages the academic and teaching staff activity from his office called Head of Studies.

The office of the Head of Studies is where the Head of Studies performs the coordination tasks of a member of the centre’s management team, such as the review of plans and programmes to be developed in the centre, the coordination of projects and training plans, the management of means and resources of the centre, the control of timetables, etc.

Their office should consist of a work table with the fundamental support documentation: the Centre Organization Document, the Curricular Projects, the Regulations and Coexistence Plans, etc.

They also usually have a suitable place to attend to all educational agents: students, parents, teaching staff, etc.

Currently all this management is carried out through the computer platforms of management of centres that exist in each educational administration. For example, in the case of Asturias, the whole process of student management and enrollment is carried out through the SAUCE computer platform in connection with the educational administration.

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John McAllister
John McAllister
25 September, 2023 10:31 am

The video offers a clear understanding of the pivotal role of the Head of Studies in managing academic activities. It highlights key coordination tasks, emphasizes the importance of organizational documentation, and showcases the integration of technology for efficient administration. This video is essential for educators and administrators in the Spanish educational system.

What similarities do you find on this topic in your country?
In a British school, the person who primarily focuses on the academic operations of the school is typically referred to as the "Deputy Headteacher" or "Deputy Head." They work closely with the Headteacher or Principal and are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day academic affairs of the school. This includes curriculum development, teaching and learning strategies, assessment procedures, and staff development related to academics. The Deputy Head plays a key role in ensuring the academic excellence and effectiveness of the school.
What differences do you find on this topic in your country?
Although the video does not specify the hierarchical position of the Head of Studies, a British Deputy Head typically holds a broader range of responsibilities, including academics, student welfare, and potential involvement in administration. On the other hand, a Spanish Head of Studies primarily focuses on academic coordination and curriculum development. In terms of position, a Deputy Head in a British school often serves as the second-in-command after the Headteacher and may deputize in their absence, while a Spanish Head of Studies is a specialized role within the school's management team, centered on academic coordination.
United Kingdom