Specialist subject teacher

The specialist teacher is a teacher who is responsible for teaching specific content, such as music, physical education or foreign language.

The subject specialist teacher is a professional who teaches a single subject. In Spain, there are 3 specific subjects: music and plastic arts, physical education and English.

In primary education, music and plastic arts are taught for 1 hour per week, physical education for 2 to 3 hours per week, and foreign language for 2 to 3 hours per week, depending on the year.

Teachers have the option to specialise in knowledge and teach the different branches of knowledge. Thus, the specialist teacher teaches in all courses and for this reason is not usually a group tutor. These specialists normally carry out their teaching in a classroom or space equipped with resources and methodologies specific to the subject, which is why students usually move from their classrooms to the speciality classrooms.

With the European Higher Education Area, the training of primary education teachers has changed towards a more general training with “mentions” in the last year of the degree where they acquire specialisation.

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dino mancarella
dino mancarella
7 November, 2022 10:12 am

it is important to dedicate a space for the Specialist subject teacher because he or she contributes through his or her activity to the student’s training and education

What similarities do you find on this topic in your country?
In a full-time primary school class there are 2 prevailing teachers who distribute all the subjects except religion, for the teaching of which a tenured or fixed-term teacher is appointed from the diocese of the municipality. As for motor and music, it is the same curricular teachers who take care of them, but without a specific title. From this year (2022-2023), a motor teacher with a specific qualification has become mandatory, but only in the fifth classes and from next year also in the fourth classes. Finally, for the teaching of English, you have to be specialised to be able to teach it, i.e. have a qualification that qualifies you for this teaching. So if both class teachers do not have this qualification, another teacher in the school will lend/swap their hours. A specialist teacher can only be appointed (therefore an ad hoc appointment) for the hours that cannot be covered with internal staff.