Head of Studies at the school

The Head of Studies is the teacher in charge of managing the educational activity of the centre and controlling the activity of the teaching and non-teaching staff, i.e. students and administrative and service staff.

The head of studies is the person in charge of managing the academic tasks of the school and of controlling the activity and discipline of the pupils, as well as the correct professional practice of the teaching staff.

The head teacher chooses him/her to form part of his/her management team from among the rest of the teaching staff and from among people he/she trusts.

His/her main functions are to coordinate academic activities, guidance and tutoring activities, extracurricular and complementary activities in relation to the educational project, and to ensure the normal development of the didactic programmes and the annual general programme.

He/she also directs the actions of the teaching coordination bodies and the competent bodies in matters of academic and vocational guidance and tutorial action.

The head of studies plans and coordinates the projects carried out at the centre and the teacher training and development activities, all of which are carried out with the collaboration of the corresponding representative of the teachers’ and resources centre.

He/she also acts as head of teaching staff and is responsible for drawing up the timetables of students and teachers and ensures that they are complied with.

He/she coordinates the use of common spaces, resources and teaching materials for the development of academic activities, in accordance with what is established in the educational project, the management project and the annual general programme.

Among his/her functions, he/she substitutes for the secretary and the director in their absences, and like them, he/she also has reduced teaching hours and receives an economic complement.

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Adam Kracík
Adam Kracík
6 February, 2023 2:36 pm

Comment from the Czech Republic

What similarities do you find on this topic in your country?
The requirements do not differ that much. He or she is in charge of the school system supervision, i.e. scheduling, supervising, giving helping hand when needed etc.
What differences do you find on this topic in your country?
However, a slight difference might be found concerning the name of the job. The position is called deputy headmaster/sub-principal. That indicates that he or she does not occupy just the supervision but deputes the sub-principal when he or she is missing, in other words his or her responsibilities can be same as his supervisor's one.
Czech Republic
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