Coordinator of school programmes

Programme Coordinators are teachers with management positions. In addition to the traditional management bodies, the introduction of new materials, methodologies and educational activities in the school made it necessary to create these coordination figures for better exploitation and operation of these activities.

To the traditional figures were added those of ICT co-ordination, co-ordination of Opening Schools to the Community, co-ordination of bilingual activities, co-ordination of teacher training, etc.

The coordinators are proposed by the management team. And this coordination of projects involves a reduction in their teaching activity, some financial benefit for the school, or the provision of equipment and resources in order to carry out the proposed programme.

For example, in Astuiras (Spain), the person who coordinates ICT has part of their teaching time reduced to carry out this task. His/her duties include organising and managing the technological means and resources available at the educational institution; he/she also informs and supports the teaching staff about the technological tools and promotes their application to the curriculum.

The teacher who coordinates the Opening Centres to the Community Programme promotes extracurricular activities in schools, all of them based on the use of the natural resources of the environment, the socio-cultural facilities of the neighbourhood and the technological equipment of the community, all within a framework of inter-institutional collaboration. The functions of this coordinator are to support the teaching staff and external monitors. He/she also organises and manages the means and resources available to the centre for the development of the activities; he/she promotes, dynamises and harmonises all initiatives and projects that arise among the teaching staff and students in relation to these activities.

The basic function of the coordination of the Teacher Training Programme is to inform the local Teachers and Resources Centre of the training needs of their colleagues and of other possible training activities.

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Adam Kracík
Adam Kracík
19 January, 2023 8:34 pm

Program Coordinator Teacher – significant, but neglected (with regard to the Czech Republic educational system)

What similarities do you find on this topic in your country?
If possible, one might find program coordinators only in larger cities (Prague or regional capitals).
What differences do you find on this topic in your country?
Concerning primary and secondary schools in villages or small towns, you would not find any program coordinator teacher. The director or teachers themself are in charge of it instead.
Czech Republic
Last academic level pass
Bachelor degree student
Other information
As far as I am concerned I would say it is a pity that such teachers do not appear more commonly. As a school employs such a teacher who is given more time to create special programs, the school can achieve the goal to be more interesting and beneficial for the pupils and students then.