Educational counselling and social worker

The Educational Guidance Services are the professionals in charge of advising students on their psychological and academic development, and of supporting teachers.

Schools have specialist teachers who regularly advise, support and work in collaboration with other teachers and families. These people are usually trained in psychology or pedagogy.

The counsellor performs counselling functions for parents and teachers, diagnostic functions and intervention for pupils with specific needs.

These teachers also collaborate in the design and development of the Tutorial Action Plan and Diversity Attention Plan and sometimes coordinate educational services, social activities and health teams.

Guidance services collaborate with the teaching team, identify pupils’ needs, make proposals for educational attention such as curricular adaptations or provision of specialised resources. They assess and monitor pupils with special educational needs and keep families informed of the outcome of all these actions.

Finally, another external specialist who usually comes to the school is the social worker, who advises and assists pupils and families in socio-culturally or economically disadvantaged situations.

The social worker is also involved in the formulation of preventive programmes depending on the location of the school. They also carry out their work through personal interviews inside the school with the direct support of public administrations.

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