Head Dean

The head teacher is the person responsible for directing and coordinating all the activities of his/her school, as well as acting as an intermediary between his/her educational community and the relevant administration.

The head teacher is responsible for directing and coordinating all the activities and people at the school. His/her functions include representing the school, liaising between the school and the educational administration, exercising pedagogical coordination and promoting educational innovation and the measures necessary to achieve the objectives proposed in the school’s educational project.

Its functions also include ensuring compliance with current regulations, ensuring the improvement of coexistence, applying the sanctions foreseen in some cases of reprehensible behaviour, promoting collaboration with families and organisations, and promoting the required evaluations.

It also proposes and removes, if necessary, its direct collaborators: the Head of Studies and the Secretary.

He/she is the head of all teaching and working staff at the school. He/she convenes and presides over academic events and the meetings of the School Council and the Teaching Staff, and ensures that agreements are complied with. He/she authorises expenditure in accordance with the school’s budget, orders payments and approves the school’s certificates and official documents.

It is important to highlight its function of guiding the general educational lines of the centre, an activity that it must be aware of and communicate both to the educational community, to the administration on which it depends in the case of a public centre, and to the pupils’ families.

In this sense, it is important to highlight his/her work as coordinator responsible for a large number of pupils, teachers and other staff.

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Adam Kracík
Adam Kracík
19 January, 2023 8:45 pm

Duties of head teacher

What similarities do you find on this topic in your country?
Director's duties seem to be absolutely the same.
Czech Republic
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Bachelor degree student
Other information
In my opinion, the director should be open to everything (to be capable of considering all the suggestions he or she is given) and should keep on improving the school that is in charge of it. The school should listen to the pupils and students in some way and not do it just as the adults order.