Hearing and speech teachers, and physiotherapists

Hearing and language teachers and physiotherapists are professionals who treat individualised and specialised communication problems and physical mobility problems, respectively, of a pupil.

In educational centres we can find hearing and language professionals and physiotherapists.

They are specialists whose task is to provide individualised and appropriate treatment for the needs, physical and linguistic problems that pupils may present throughout their schooling.

The hearing and language teacher is the professional whose function consists of favouring, facilitating and promoting communication; he/she works on all disorders of symbolisation, comprehension, expression, voice, articulation and speech of those pupils who, due to sensory, neurological, evolutionary, physical or environmental causes, have difficulties in acquiring or have lost human communication.

The task of the hearing and speech teacher is carried out in coordination with the tutors, the therapeutic pedagogy teacher (specialised support), the counsellor and the family. Their role focuses on prevention and rehabilitation. Therefore, their work can be carried out directly in the classroom with a group of pupils, or in a specific classroom in a more individualised way, using specific methods and resources.

On the other hand, the physiotherapist is in charge of providing support to students with psychomotor problems, seeking the adequate development of the functions of the locomotion and body movement systems. They intervene when the pupil has lost or is at risk of losing or altering these functions, through the use of specific physical techniques. Their task is not to assess or treat the student’s rehabilitation needs, as this is the role of health professionals.

In short, these professionals have to coordinate with the rest of the teachers to carry out the necessary curricular adaptations.

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Adam Kracík
Adam Kracík
19 January, 2023 2:58 pm

An absolutely new piece of information! Very spellbinding!

What differences do you find on this topic in your country?
Neither the speech therapist nor physiotherapist exists in the Czech Republic. As far as I am concerned this subject is absolutely new to me since I would never say such positions might be required in the school system. On the other hand, it seems to me very useful to have such therapists who can help you anytime it is needed.
Czech Republic
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