Secretary’s Office

In his or her office, the secretary manages the administration documents, student and teacher management, as well as the financial accounts of the educational institution.

The secretary manages and stores the administrative documents and financial accounts of the school. He/she also manages the management of the teaching and employment staff, the enrolment of students, and controls the accounting documents, minutes and financial reports.

Currently, this task is carried out through the school management computer platforms that exist in each educational administration. For example, in the case of Asturias, the whole process of student management and enrolment is carried out through the SAUCE computer platform in connection with the education administration.

This secretary’s office can become the school’s public secretary’s office, and so this space is usually open to the public to attend to families’ requests for a few hours a day. Occasionally, and in large schools, there is another administrative staff member constantly maintaining the function of the secretary’s office open to the public.

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John McAllister
John McAllister
25 September, 2023 10:02 am

This video provides a concise overview of the crucial role played by the school secretary’s office, highlighting its responsibilities in managing administrative documents, financial accounts, staff management, student enrollment, and accounting records. It also emphasizes the integration of modern computer platforms for efficient administrative tasks. Furthermore, it underscores the significance of the secretary’s office as a public-facing entity, offering assistance to families and providing insights into how such offices may operate in larger educational institutions.

What similarities do you find on this topic in your country?
The main similarities between the British and Spanish "secretary's office" in a school is that both play a central role in the administrative functions of the institution. They are responsible for managing documents, handling correspondence, and facilitating communication between various stakeholders, including parents, staff, and the school administration. Additionally, both offices contribute to the efficient operation of the school by overseeing essential administrative tasks.
What differences do you find on this topic in your country?
In the British context, this office typically focuses primarily on document management, correspondence, and communications with parents and staff, with an emphasis on information administration. In contrast, in a Spanish school, the secretary's office has a more comprehensive role, including the management of administrative documents, financial accounts, supervision of teaching and administrative staff, as well as student enrollment. Additionally, the use of computer platforms is highlighted to facilitate these tasks. These differences reflect distinct approaches in the administrative management of schools in both educational systems.
United Kingdom