Dining room and cafeteria

Some schools have a school canteen where pupils can stay in the middle of the day and in the afternoon.

School canteens are, together with school transport, complementary services provided by the school to the educational community. They may occupy a specific location or a multi-purpose space.

The operation of canteens is governed by the regulations.. It is a complementary service whose operation is regulated by the local council, although it can be managed by the Parents’ Association, by the School Council and by the school headmaster. Occasionally, companies are hired to bring food to the school premises, known as caterers. There are also assistants and monitors who look after the children and supervise the running of the school. It is possible to find schools in which it is the teachers themselves who are in charge of these small diners.

In other cases, and in large centres, this very same space, or a similar one, is open all the time as a cafeteria. In this case, it is used by teaching staff and pupils at break times.

To a certain extent, the pupils who attend continue to receive training at lunchtime, as it is increasingly common to promote other teaching associated with this activity during this time. Thus, on the one hand, they acquire healthy eating habits while at the same time learning and practising desirable table manners and eating properly.

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