Teaching staff

The faculty brings together all teachers in the school to discuss the management of the design, development and evaluation of the academic curriculum.

The staff brings together all the teachers of the school to plan, coordinate and report on the school’s activities.

It is a consultative body on the management, development and evaluation of the academic curriculum, approves the main school documents, reviews the operating rules, the school calendar, etc.

The Senate is presided over by the head teacher and its competences revolve around all matters affecting the academic curriculum: it makes proposals to the other governing bodies for the development of the school’s projects, as well as for the annual programme; it establishes the criteria for guidance, tutoring and student assessment; it promotes initiatives to improve teaching and coexistence; it approves and evaluates the annual report and the school’s own functioning and teaching results.

In Spain, the Ley Orgánica de Educación, LOE, defines the Claustro as the main body for the participation of all teachers in the governance of their school. In each Spanish region, the respective decrees have been developing the content of this law. Thus, in Asturias, a minimum of 5 staff meetings per year has been established, in addition to those called by the head teacher or requested by at least one third of the teachers. Attendance at these meetings is compulsory, as is compliance with the agreements reached.

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