Specific resources for content

Subject-specific resources are materials and tools intended to support learning that are typically used in a particular area or in a particular space such as a laboratory.

Subject-specific resources are materials and tools intended to aid learning and are used only in that particular area or in a specific space such as a laboratory or gymnasium.

They are characterised by their unique application to clarify content and achieve a deeper and more meaningful understanding of a specific subject or topic.

Within this section, we could mention various laboratory materials such as microscopes, mineral samples, skeletons, globes, maps, sports equipment, geometric figures, scale models, and a long etcetera of examples which, although they are more commonly used in Secondary Education, are also of interest to Primary School pupils so that they can approach some content in a realistic way and, in any case, they are resources which have a high level of motivation.

Specific educational resources are associated with an area of knowledge and are recently becoming virtual resources present through computer applications, with these traditional materials being replaced by computer simulation programmes.

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