Teachers’ room

The teachers’ lounge is an official meeting area and also a place for teachers to meet and socialise during break periods between classes.

In schools there are usually no specific spaces for each teacher, and they use this room to correct, schedule and prepare class assignments. On other occasions, it may serve as a common meeting space for staff meetings, school council meetings or other small group activities.

In addition to a large table and sufficient chairs, these spaces often have cabinets, corkboards or whiteboards with the most important or need-to-know information.

In many cases, these rooms also have a computer and a coffee machine at the teacher’s disposal.

The fact that they are at the teachers’ disposal to be used during their free time helps them to interact and get to know each other better, which translates into an improvement in the harmony and collaboration that should exist among the teaching staff. Thus, in some cases they have more comfortable sofas or chairs in order to establish, through the furniture, a space for rest and a place where they can establish a better relationship with their colleagues.

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