Teacher specialising in therapeutic pedagogy

Teacher specialised in Therapeutic Pedagogy is the teacher in charge of specialised support for students with specific educational support needs and teachers.

The specialist teacher in therapeutic pedagogy is the one who carries out specialised support for pupils with different types of educational needs.

This support takes place during the school day, in the regular classroom or in a specific support classroom, in which a small group of pupils with specific needs may be accommodated for a very specific period of time.

This teacher uses specific materials and methods to meet the needs of the pupils. He/she also co-ordinates well with the tutor and advises him/her on how to work with the pupil and what needs to be reinforced in the classroom.

It should also be noted that the therapeutic pedagogy teacher attends to all pupils in the school with temporary or permanent needs and remains attentive to their progress and evolution.

The specialised support teacher usually participates in the assessment and monitoring of the pupils with whom he/she has intervened.

These teachers are teachers who have completed a specialisation in special education and are therefore qualified to provide more specialised treatment in accordance with the specific needs of the pupils.

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