Secretary’s Office

In his or her office, the secretary manages the administration documents, student and teacher management, as well as the financial accounts of the educational institution.

The secretary manages and stores the administrative documents and financial accounts of the school. He/she also manages the management of the teaching and employment staff, the enrolment of students, and controls the accounting documents, minutes and financial reports.

Currently, all this task is carried out through the school management computer platforms that exist in each educational administration. For example, in the case of the Asturias region, the whole process of student management and enrolment is carried out through the SAUCE computer platform in connection with the education administration.

This secretary’s office can become the school’s public secretary’s office, and so this space is usually open to the public to attend to families’ requests for a few hours a day. Occasionally, and in large schools, there is another administrative staff member constantly maintaining the function of the secretary’s office open to the public.

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