Pedagogical Coordination Commission

The Pedagogical Coordination Commission is a collegiate body whose aim is to deal with all issues related to the curriculum.

The Pedagogical Coordination Committee is the body that harmonises the centre’s educational activity, and is made up of the coordinators of each cycle, the head of studies, the guidance counsellor, and is chaired by the head teacher. The secretary is the youngest teacher, who takes the corresponding minutes of each session.

Its main tasks focus on the design of educational content, the Diversity Attention Programme and psycho-pedagogical guidance interventions,

It also establishes the criteria for the review, monitoring and evaluation of the stage curricular projects. It also proposes possible modifications and guidelines for curricular adaptations for students with special educational needs.

In order to carry out all these functions, it meets every month and at the beginning and end of each academic year to perform the functions entrusted to it.

In small schools, with less than twelve classrooms, the Pedagogical Coordination is not required to exist and the Senate can create a commission with these tasks.

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