The management office

The management office is a room where the director manages his or her responsibilities as the top manager of the company.

Each member of the management team has a space where he/she carries out the tasks of his/her position.

The management office is a room in which the head teacher focuses his or her duties as head of the school. It usually has an area where he/she manages his/her responsibilities as head of the school on his/her own and another area for meetings. Thus, the Headmaster receives the different members of the educational community: parents, pupils, teachers, inspector, etc., establishes the appropriate relationships with them and determines the actions to be carried out in the school. In addition, meetings are usually held here with the other members of the management team: the head of studies and the secretary.

In this office, and given that it is common to consult it, the fundamental documents of the school’s organisation, such as the school’s Educational Project, the Curricular Projects, etc., are usually kept.

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