Multi-purpose and multi-purpose room

The multi-purpose classroom is a school space, usually large, designed to accommodate complementary learning activities.

The multi-purpose and multi-purpose classroom is a school space, generally large, where complementary and extracurricular activities such as conferences, courses, school workshops, etc. are carried out, tasks that sometimes require multiple and special resources, both educational and non-educational.

This space is very useful due to its versatility, as it can be used for activities with large audiences, as an assembly hall, a place for assemblies, screenings, exhibitions, etc.

Sometimes it is also used as a dining room or for non-educational community meetings such as neighbourhood meetings, recitals, theatre plays, etc.

The versatility of this place allows it to be adapted to the event to be held, modifying its space to reduce it or enlarge it according to the tasks to be carried out, and it can accommodate a large group, a small group or a more individualised group.

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