Generic educational materials

Teaching materials, educational resources or teaching aids, are a variety of materials and tools that can be used in various subjects and are used as learning aids.

Generic didactic materials are used in different subjects according to the needs of the curriculum being taught.

They can be intended for student or teacher use, and in this case they belong to the educational center that obtains them either by donation from the administration, the city council or some other company or organization, or by purchase with the economic resources allocated for this purpose.

The basic educational materials for the teacher are the blackboard -analog or digital- or the equivalent that allows him/her to show in a graphic way the contents taught. On the other hand, students use a notebook or similar support to write down the teacher’s explanations.

Books are the materials most used by students. Normally, students have these texts at their disposal according to the center’s choice among those offered by the publishing houses, once their advantages and limitations in the illustration and support of the subjects taught by the teacher have been analyzed and assessed. It is up to the didactic coordination bodies of the public centers, in the exercise of pedagogical autonomy, to adopt the textbooks and other materials that they consider most convenient for the different teachings.

The textbooks must follow the guidelines established by law, and the teacher must then adapt their contents to the needs and activities for each course. They are required to be scientifically rigorous and appropriate to the age of the students, the curriculum and the regulations in force and the values contained in the Constitution, in the case of Spain.

Currently, the computer support offers many digitalized didactic resources and through the Internet. The supervision of the curricular materials falls on the inspection exercised by the educational Administration.

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