Cycle, level and group education teams

The cycle and year educational teams bring together all the teachers who teach the same level or group. They meet periodically under the direction of a coordinator of that cycle or tutor of that group.

Educational teams may have different types of coordination. In addition to the Pedagogical Coordination Committee, which brings together all the coordinators of the primary cycles, or the heads of department in the case of secondary education, there may be other horizontal coordination meetings within the same level. Thus, there may be specific teams for each of the cycles of the primary stage and teams for each year.
Each team is responsible for organising and developing the teaching specific to that cycle or level, under the supervision of the head of studies. Its functions include:

  • Coordinating and monitoring teaching programmes,
  • Designing organisational measures to cater for diversity,
  • Keeping the teaching methodology up to date,
  • Proposing extracurricular and complementary activities, all in accordance with the stage curricular project and linked to that level or for that specific year.

The teams meet periodically, and also at the beginning and end of the year, to plan, monitor and evaluate these teaching tasks. In this sense, they include the results in the annual report as well as the proposals for improvement to be applied in the following year. These same actions are planned in the Circular and instructions at the beginning of each academic year.

It is worth mentioning the tutors who coordinate, among other tasks, the teaching teams of each group, taking care to sequence in time the didactic units, the centres of interest or the projects, giving a globalised treatment to the contents and oriented to that specific group of students.

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