Support classrooms

Support classrooms are specific spaces to accommodate and carry out learning activities in a more concentrated way for students with educational needs.

On some occasions, students have deficiencies that prevent them from acquiring the contents in the same way as the rest of their classmates. In these cases, they receive personalised and appropriate support to overcome these limitations and to be able to integrate fully into the corresponding course.

Modern pedagogical theories advise the practice of inclusive education in which no pupil is separated from his or her group but receives greater attention by working together in the classroom and with a support teacher.

In Spanish legislation, the Organic Law on Education, LOE, deals with pupils with specific educational support needs and proposes the implementation of specific programmes by the education authorities for pupils who lack basic skills or knowledge in order to facilitate their integration in the corresponding course. These programmes are developed simultaneously with the schooling of pupils in ordinary groups, in accordance with the level and evolution of their learning.

On other more specific occasions, it is necessary to use specific spaces that allow for greater concentration in order to host learning activities for pupils with educational needs to overcome a speech or hearing deficiency. These classrooms usually have the materials specially designed for the development of these students’ speech and language skills.

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