Mothers’ and Fathers’ Association

The Parents’ Association (AMPA) represents the parents or legal guardians of the pupils before the school.

The parents or legal guardians of the pupil are primarily responsible for their education, which is why there must be fluid communication and collaboration between the family and the school.

These associations fulfil, among others, the following functions: they help parents or guardians in all matters relating to the education of their children, they encourage their participation in the management of the school through the School Council where they can make suggestions for the modification of the educational project, to incorporate extracurricular activities, and any other suggestion that will result in the improvement of the school.

They also collaborate in the educational activities of the schools and, in turn, must receive information on what is dealt with in the school governing bodies and on the academic results. To this end, they must be aware of the projects that organise school life, the school curriculum and the teaching materials used in the school.

These associations have a president, a secretary and a treasurer, as well as a certain number of members depending on their size. They are governed by their own statutes and are financed by the fees established for each family that voluntarily decides to belong to this association.

Thus, many of the extracurricular activities are managed and financially supported by these associations.

Many have been integrated into state federations, for example in Spain there are two: CEAPA for public schools and CONCAPA, for religious schools.

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